Palmarosa + Tea Tree Cleansing Facial Oil

Palmarosa + Tea Tree Cleansing Facial Oil

  • Excellent at dissolving dirt and grime off of the skin while simultaneously balancing the skin's oil production. 

  • Formulated with palmarosa, a powerful regulator of the skin's moisture and oil production, and tea tree, a highly effective fighter of acne and blemish causing bacteria.

  • This cleanser is good for all skin types. 

2 fl oz / 60 mL

How to Use: Apply 10 - 15 drops to a cotton pad and then apply to face. Rinse afterwards using warm water, or if treating/fighting blemishes caused by acne, massage any excess oil into the skin.

Ingredients: Certified organic sunflower seed oil, Certified organic tamanu oil, Certified organic palmarosa essential oil, Certified organic tea tree oil

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