NURTURE: Balancing Facial Oil

NURTURE: Balancing Facial Oil

  • Smooths fine lines on the face, reduces skin discoloration, and evens out skin tone.

  • Formulated with organic geranium and organic rose essential oils proven to balance the oils in your skin, improve its elasticity, and to promote regeneration and restoration of damaged skin cells

  • Blended in organic sunflower seed oil which is full of antioxidants, fights acne causing bacteria, and restores skin texture.

  • Good for all skin types, but particularly for those with dry and combination skin. 

2 fl oz / 60 mL

How to Use: Apply two to three drops on forehead, cheeks, and chin following your face wash routine. Gently massage the oils into the skin until fully absorbed. 

Ingredients: Certified organic jojoba seed oil, Certified organic sunflower seed oil, Certified organic geranium essential oil, Certified organic rose essential oil

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