The Benefits of Jasmine for Our Skin and Wellbeing


Jasmine essential oil has been used for centuries in central Asia and other regions of the world to heal skin and promote mental and emotional wellbeing. Jasmine, or Jasminum officinale, contains powerful natural compounds and other antioxidants that represent the physical, mental and emotional healing ingredients of Jasmine essential oil.

Jasmine Essential Oil Benefits for Skin

The Jasmine flower is prized for its beauty and aromatic essence. The attractive scent makes it a popular ingredient in some of the world’s most expensive perfumes, lotions and beauty products. But apart from the intoxicating allure of the Jasmine scent, the essential oil of this beautiful flower benefits the skin in a variety of ways.

Preserving The Skin  - The antioxidants in Jasmine help to minimize the damage of free radicals within the body. Unscented moisturizer or body oils infused with Jasmine essential oil can be massaged onto the skin, where it is absorbed, and the antioxidants can do the most work to preserve skin’s youthful appearance.

Antiseptic – Natural compounds within Jasmine essential oil such as benzyl benzoate and benzoic acid have inherent germicidal properties. These properties make Jasmine a great essential oil for use in blends to help mitigate infection and inflammation in minor scrapes and cuts, and in minimizing the skin irritation that occurs in a number of skin conditions. 

Antispasmodic - Jasmine essential oil has properties that can be beneficial in managing muscle spasms and muscle tension. A few drops of jasmine in a body or massage oil can reap great benefits in easing this sort of tension. 

Jasmine Essential Oil Benefits for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Jasmine essential oil is effective for a wide range of mental and emotional maladies that afflict persons of all ages. 

Relaxation - The scent of Jasmine can bring relaxation to troubled minds, thanks to the presence of a chemical compound that enhances the neurotransmitter, GABA. Induce calm and de-stress by applying a drop or two of Jasmine essential oil into a diffuser or onto a warm compress applied to the forehead.

Concentration – Jasmine oil helps to clear the mind of worries, allowing for clarity of thought and focused energy. Try dropping Jasmine essential oil into a warm bath to inhale the vapors and renew cognitive function.