5 Spring and Summer Destinations in the USA to Help You Relax, Re-Group, and Disconnect

Turn off, tune out and live life. It’s the kind of retro-sunny phrase you might see on a souvenir T-shirt, only you won’t, because few people turn off and tune out while on vacation.

News, gossip, images, videos… the stream of internet consciousness follows us everywhere. Disconnecting from the modern world is the perfect antidote to life’s stress. You don't need to go off-the-grid to relax, re-group, and disconnect. You just need to hit the reset button. Instead of living-in-the-web, turn off, tune out and live life.

These 5 spring and summer destinations in the USA are tailor-made for relaxation and regeneration.

Sanibel Island, FL 

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Florida doesn't have to mean Disney World or the Kardashian-like glitz and glamor of South Beach. Sanibel Island is a haven of tranquility, a place that prides itself on sleepiness, where roadside signs warn drivers to watch for tortoises and the only crowds are the crowds of shell collectors hunched over white beaches searching for ponderous arks (yes, that’s really the name of a seashell). Located off Florida’s Gulf Coast, Sanibel Island offers two things that have long become extinct in Florida: peace and quiet. When you’re done scouring Sanibel’s shores for prized seashells, explore the flora and fauna on Wildlife Drive, visit Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum, or spend the day counting wader birds while reading a paperback.


Sedona, AZ

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Goodbye smartphones, hello vortexes. Sedona is called "a cathedral without walls,” and with its towering red cliffs, sandstone rock formations, and crisp blue sky, it’s easy to see why. Sedona is also the New Age capital of the U.S., and it’s a place bursting with positive vibes, wellbeing and spiritual renewal. Self-improvement tourism is the name of the game in Sedona, and whether you visit the McLean Meditation Institute, take a Sedona Mystical Tour, hike through the orange-dust pathways and yucca strands of Palatki Ruins, or simply visit Sedona’s many crystal shops and aura reading stations, you'll leave the desert a changed person.


Orcas Island, WA

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Part of Washington State’s San Juan archipelago, Orcas Island is a place out of time, an offshore community that’s part nature-loving sanctuary and part counterculture stronghold. Orcas Island is where you go when you’re searching for rocky shorelines, beach bonfires, evergreen forests, cornflower blue skies, and cellular dead zones. Hiking, boating, fishing, and clamming are popular attractions, but the island’s impressive wildlife, particularly the resident population of orca whales, is the main draw. Other popular attractions include Mount Constitution -the highest point in San Juan County -Moran State Park, Cascade Falls, and Orcas Island Pottery, which is billed as the oldest pottery in the northwest.

Palm Springs, CA

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Palms Springs is a desert resort city that claims to be the sunniest place in America. It’s where Californians go when they want to abandon L.A. for a laid-back life. The city has long been a retreat for Hollywood stars, and its Midcentury modern architecture and retro aesthetic is straight out of "Mad Men.” With its lush palm trees, dry desert air, and boutique  resorts with shimmering-blue swimming pools, it’s the perfect place to relax and regroup... in style.  When you’re done staying cool by the pool (it gets hot in Palm Springs in the summer), visit the Uptown Design District, get a treatment at one of the city's many spas (The Parker, We Care Spa), or search for some vintage modernism at The Galeria or the Angel View Thrift Mart.

Holland, MI

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Holland, Michigan is a lot like its namesake country, only you don’t need a passport to get there. Located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, Holland’s quaint downtown is lined with Victorian-era architecture and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Nicknamed Tulip City, Holland is known for its Dutch-themed heritage and attractions, including Windmill Island Gardens, Tulip Time Festival and Nelis’ Dutch Village. Other highlights include Holland Light House, Holland State Park, and the Holland Princess, a boat cruise of Lake Michigan