6 Relaxation Techniques If You Hate Meditating

If you've been visiting us for any length of time you know that we're fairly big fans of mindfulness and meditation. The practice of meditation in particular is a great way to center oneself and connect with what is happening internally without assigning judgement. It's also a great way to relax, particularly before or after a hectic day. These benefits aside, meditation is not for everyone.

If the idea of meditating causes you more anxiety than it does calm, then these 6 relaxation techniques from the Huffington Post might be just what you need to reap the benefits of meditation without actually having to meditate.

1. Get creative. Arts & Crafts anyone?

A great way to distract yourself from the stress or crazy in your world is to spend some time creating. “Being artistic calms the nervous system because when we’re focused on creative activities, our attention moves away from constant worrying,” New York therapist Kimberly Hershenson says.


2. Take up yoga

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The popularity of yoga in the western world has sky rocketed over the last decade. Although it may seem like the hype is unwarranted, yoga truly is a great way to relax both mind and body. Yoga makes it possible to focus on the breath and the body without having to meditate. Yoga also enhances memory and improves brain power according to Silvia Polivoy, clinical psychologist and co-founder of the Thevine Spiritual Center.


3. Take a walk or go on a hike

Getting outside is a great way to relax and connect us to what really matters in our lives. Despite the health benefits, walking or hiking allows you channel any negative energy into something physical.


4. Sing, hum or whistle

Belting out or whistling a few lines to your favorite song can help distract you from whatever it is that you may be worrying about. Turn on a favorite, feel good tune and sing along.


5. Before you climb into bed, grab a pen and start writing

journaling relaxation techniques

Does your anxiety impact your sleep? If so, journaling before bed may be a good way to get out any anxious thoughts. David Ezell, the clinical director and CEO of therapy provider Darien Wellness say that “The objective is to relieve the pressure of thoughts analogous to a water tank too full of H2O.”


6. Get in the kitchen

The process of cooking a good meal can be fairly involved. Cooking can be a great relaxation technique, allowing you to focus on the smells, tastes and textures associated with the process, rather than the anxious thoughts of the moment.

For more information on 6 hacks to relax when you hate meditating, head over to Huffington Post.


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