Are You Better Off as Friends? Tips to Help You Decide

Having a strong friendship does not always mean that you will have a strong romantic relationship. Sometimes people really are better off as friends. If you are thinking about taking things to the next level with someone you have a great friendship with, or have already done so, you may be wondering if you will make a good couple or are better off as friends.

Here are a few things to consider when trying to determine if you're better off as friends.

You've Seen How They Treat Partners And Don't Like It

Often when you have had a  friendship with someone, you have seen how they treat their romantic partners. You may be privy to details about them cheating on past partners, joking about having a wandering eye or treating their partners poorly. If you have seen how they treat their partners in the past and you don't like it, agree with it, or want it, you may want to keep your relationship in the friend zone. While people can change as they grow older, there is no guarantee that their behavior will be any different, and knowing what has transpired in past relationships may cause you to obsess over whether they will do that to you. Insecurity can take over and ruin the relationship, and possibly the friendship.

You Are More Comfortable Hanging Out Than Being Romantic

It can be awkward to transition from being friends into being romantic partners. If you love hanging out with your friend watching movies or engaging in activities, such as bowling, you may a good foundation for taking things to the next level. However, if you find eating out at fancy restaurants, cuddling or being intimate is awkward and nerve-wracking, it may be a clear sign that you are better off as friends, rather than lovers.

You or Your Partner Play Down the Relationship

If you and your friend decide to take things to the next level, it may be normal to play down the relationship at first until you see where it is going. You may not want to let others know at first. However, if one or both of you continues to play down the relationship and tell people you are just friends after several dates, you may want to reassess the situation. They may be embarrassed for others to know you are together or want to keep their options open, or vice versa. Regardless, if one or both of you are playing down the relationship, it may be a tell-tell sign that you two are not serious about being together.

You Don't See a Future Together

The last sign that you are better off as friends, rather than love interests, is that you do not see a future together. When you decide to date a friend, you run the risk of ruining the friendship. As such, you need to carefully assess if the risk is worth it. If you cannot see yourself together with this person forever, either because you are in different places, have different goals or different lifestyles, it is probably best that you leave things as is and keep the friendship intact. This helps keep things drama-free and helps to keep a great friend in your life.

Deciding whether you are better off as friends or a couple can be a tough decision. Looking at each of these signs will give you some idea as to whether or not you may be better off as a couple or whether you should keep things in friendship status.


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