Don't Do These 5 Things When Looking For Your Ideal Career

1. “If I Can’t Have the Best, I Don’t Want Anything at All.”

Having big aspirations is a good thing. Having aspirations that are so big that they blind your ability to see how certain opportunities are stepping stones to achieving your dreams? That's a bad thing.

2. “I’m Supposed to Have a Career Path by a Certain Age.”

People change constantly. There could be multiple times in your life when you decide that a career change is in order. This is OK, regardless of how young - or old - you are.

3. “I Should Choose a Career Path Based on the Certificate I Get.”

choosing a career

You didn't fail if you ultimately realize that what you studied in college, or the focus of that professional certificate you spent 6 months getting, isn't a field that you want to work in. Even if you decide to go a different path than the one you studied, the skills you pick up while getting an education are valuable.

4. “I Should Take My Interest or Hobby into Consideration When Choosing My Career.”

Sometimes finding a career where you can make a living takes precedent over finding a career that aligns with your hobbies or outside interests. Pursuing a career that lines up with your passions may be more appropriate once you've reached financial stability. In the meantime, consider developing your hobbies and interests on the side.

5. “If I Don’t Make More Money Than My Peers, I’ll Consider Myself a Failure in Life.”

Don't compare yourself to others, in careers or in life. It's a waste of time, a waste of energy, and devalues the unique abilities and circumstances that make up who you are.

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