4 Fantastic Destinations For Your First Time Traveling As A Couple

There's nothing that brings a couple together like travel. It's also a great way to see how compatible the two of you are. By experiencing incredible new sights and sounds, these locations will forever connect the two of you.

But where on earth should you go? Seriously, the world is your oyster and you can go almost anywhere. While you may want to dive head first into crazy destinations, it is best to start off a bit slower. After all, while travel brings up incredible adventure and excitement, it can also prove stressful and disorienting at times. Learning how each other reacts to the unexpected during travel is key.

Here are a few destinations that we think would make for an ideal first time adventure traveling as a couple.

Savannah, Georgia

Yes, it is still in the continental United States, so it may not have the same kind of luster as a Paris or Rome, but when you're looking for an amazingly romantic travel destination, you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else better in the United States. As the first planned city in the United States, the entire historical downtown is constructed in a grid system. This allows for beautiful, lush squares full of monuments, hanging Spanish moss and 200 year old architecture. Take a ride in a handsome cab, learn about the city, discover filming sights of Forrest Gump and dine on world class Southern cuisine. Plus there's no open intox law, so you can walk around downtown with your favorite adult beverage in a "to go" cup.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Looking for an adventure with international flavor but without the hassle of a passport? Consider Puerto Rico. As an unincorporated territory of the United States, you don't need to deal with obtaining a passport, yet you'll very much feel like you're in an entirely new country. In many ways, you are. Yes, you could opt for the U.S. Virgin Islands or Hawaii, but both of those locations still have a very U.S. vibe to it. Puerto Rico is all its own.


So you want to experience an international destination with your significant other but you're not exactly sure about diving into a brand new language. Anywhere in Australia would be perfect for that. The nation is more of a unique opportunity than what you might find in another english speaking nation like the UK, plus who wouldn't love to travel down under? Of course, this is one long plane ride. If you're able to handle the 16 plus hour ride from the US, you can do just about anything. One of the beautiful aspects about Australia is that there are so many unique destinations. Melbourne is a bit cooler in the Australian winter than Sydney, or you can head off to Darwin in the Northwest Territory, which has a tropical climate. Should you want a break from Darwin? Bali is about a 90 minute flight north.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alright, so you want to experience a different country with a different language. Why not Paris? Sure, you can do Paris. But everyone does Paris, and Europe can become expensive quickly if you're not careful. Buenos Aires, on the other hand, offers something truly unique. As the capital of Argentina, it is one of the definitive South American cities. However, during World War II, the city saw a major influx of European immigrants, so much of downtown is built in the style of a European city. You'll also find some of the best Italian food outside of Italy here. There truly is nothing like experiencing a Tango show while eating authentic Italian pasta while drinking South American wine (all for a fraction of what Europe costs).

Going on your first trip together can seem a bit daunting, yet exciting at the same time. Wherever you decide to go for your first time traveling as a couple, just relax. Moments of ups and down during a first time travel trip in a new relationship are common. Don't get frazzled. Instead stay present, and let the experience bring the two of you closer together.