How Anxiousness Can Hinder a Life of Adventure, And A Few Tips To Handle It

Many people face bouts of anxiousness. In fact, 18% of the adult population in the USA struggle with anxiety. For some people, it can be so severe that it affects many parts of their lives: work, relationships and even being able to go out. As a result, sufferers can often be left feeling frustrated that they may not be living life to the fullest, in the way that they would like.

There are various methods that people have used to combat bouts of anxiousness. This can range from seeing therapists to taking medicine. There may, however, be some other practical ways to address those emotions so you can still enjoy all that life has to offer.


This may be a difficult idea to grasp, but the reality is that all your anxiousness is based on your fears of future events. But the fact is, nothing in the future is a guarantee. You may spend hoards of time worrying about something that may never occur.

Give a little more credit and trust in the universe. Have faith that you are being led along a specific path and ultimately, everything works out in the end. Look back at your life and with hindsight, you may realize this to be true.


We, at times, can have little control over circumstances, events or people, that often may attribute to that feeling of anxiousness due to the fear of things not turning out in a manner that we would want.

The best way to deal with it is to have a bigger plan. Consider the things that you can control. For instance, if people are getting laid off at your company, and the fear of losing your job is causing you to have anxiety, plan ahead. Spend some time on your resume and start actively looking for other roles. If those concerns you had about losing your job materialize, you may discover you do not feel as anxious because you have done a fair amount of damage control in advance.

Understand your anxiety

A lot of times, anxiousness is caused by triggers. Being able to identify the trigger, could help you address what lies at the root of your anxiety.

For instance, you may find that you experience terrible anxiousness if you sense a relationship is going to end. And as a result, perhaps you always fight to stay in a relationship that you know does not serve your highest good.  Yet, if you look at it deeper, you may discover that it stems from abandonment issues that arose as a child, perhaps your parents divorce. So as an adult, this feeling of abandonment is being triggered when there is the sense of losing someone or being let down by someone you love.

Understanding the source of what causes your anxiousness could be the first step to liberation.


An excellent way to stop anxiousness is by finding a positive distraction that will shift your focus. Even though it may be a temporary solution, it can be an excellent quick fix for those moments your heart feels like it is racing outside of your chest.

Listen to that song that makes you feel like dancing. Go for a long jog somewhere there is beautiful nature. Do something creative such as writing, learning a new song on your guitar, painting or any way that you can express yourself. Find an activity that would feel positive, and you should find that your mood automatically switches to something better.

Practice self-healing techniques

There are various techniques such as mindfulness, NLP and meditation that you can utilize to get better control of your emotions. You can find more details on those here.