Overwhelmed? Let These 3 Mantras Get You Though To The Other Side

While the term "mantra" may be commonly recognized, the meaning and power behind the word are often misunderstood. In westernized, modern-day understanding, a mantra is often taken to mean a simple slogan or catchphrase. In reality, a mantra helps you fill your mind with positive thoughts and intentions as you attempt to eliminate internal negativity. Mantras aren't just confined to use in focused mediation in a quiet, still room. Moreover, the mantra you use can be personalized to address your feelings or difficulties.

For many trying to balance work, family, friends and their own personal wellbeing, dealing with stress is one of the greatest challenges that they face. Choosing a mantra that is aimed at helping you overcome stressful periods and using it throughout your day can have a transformative effect. Invoking your mantra whenever you have a few minutes to focus on the meaning behind the phrase--as you sip your morning coffee, sit at your desk at work or during your evening commute--can help calm your mind and relieve stress. If you need help finding the right mantra for use in stress relief, the following three options all have a function in alleviating tension and helping you to find peace and calm.

1. May my heart know peace. May my mind find rest.

Often stress enters our lives unexpectedly, whether due to an unforeseen health issue, a sudden expense or an unanticipated ordeal at work. In these situations, the source of stress can be difficult to address. No single person is necessarily responsible for the increased pressure in these cases, and our best efforts to problem solve the underlying issue may fall short. This mantra can help you connect your heart and mind, allowing you to facilitate a calmness throughout your mind, body and spirit that can provide relief from overwhelming stress.

2. May I find peace. May I seek compassion for myself and others.

Sometimes the source of stress in your life comes from a specific person. Maybe the pressure you feel is caused by a friend who is heavily leaning on you for support during a difficult time of their own, or perhaps you find yourself anxious due to the actions of a of difficult coworker. When the source of stress in your life comes from a specific person, often the key to relieving this strain is recognizing and acknowledging the other person's own internal struggle. Transforming your perspective to one of compassion can help you to find empathy for their motivations, as well as compassion for your own feelings of stress.

3. The world is full of wonder. I matter to this wonderful world. I am whole.

mantra compassion and stress

For many, stressful times invite negative thoughts directed internally, along with a reduced feeling of self-worth. Believing that some of your shortfalls have caused the stressful situation that you are facing is common. This mantra is designed to help fight this self-critical response. It serves to remind you that the world offers much to explore and embrace, even in times of stress. By repeating this mantra to yourself during quiet moments, you can help remind yourself that you are a part of the wonder that the world provides, and that you are already whole as you are regardless of what is going on around you.

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