Wednesday Challenge: Learn Something New

Part of living your best life is embracing a sense of adventure. Contrary to popular belief, adventure doesn't have to mean diving out of an airplane or climbing to the top of Mount Everest. You can find adventure in the most seemingly insignificant events. The key is breaking out of your routine and trying something new. In taking us out of our comfort zones, doing new things has a way of showing us who we are, what we do and don't enjoy, and what we're capable of.

Every Wednesday we'll introduce something to do or try over the next week. Some things you'll love. Some things you'll hate. Some things you'll maybe have already done. The point is to get you thinking about how to occasionally step outside of your comfort zone and incorporate more adventure, more newness, into you world.

Wednesday Challenge:  Learn something new

Learning new things as an adult can be difficult. With many competing interests, including serious obligations, taking time out for personal or professional development can seem impossible. Even if you manage to carve out some time, it can be difficult to stick with your studies and persevere when the material is tough or an obstacle stands in your way.

Today, commit to learning!

Sign up for a class (free or paid) that is related to something you’ve been curious about. This could be a foreign language, skills like auto mechanics or computer programming, or even arts or crafts. And commit to completing the course—block out time on your calendar and tell everyone you know about your new endeavor so that they can help to keep you accountable.